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I have a unique method applying employee-centric approaches ensuring sustained behaviour change and business impact through:

Coaching over 100 of leaders globally helping them achieve their professional goals;

Consulting and leading change in Fortune 500 companies such as Facebook, Visa, Societe Generale as well as smaller companies and startups, solving problems related to people and organizational development;

Speaking in business conferences all over the world.

About me

I’ve always been passionate about exploring human-behavior and helping people grow. Having lived in five countries, from a very young age, I started exploring these topics through observations and interactions with people I encountered.


Upon graduation, I joined a large multinational management consulting firm. I was excited to dive into my first professional experience and start learning the ropes, however, very soon I started struggling. I was working in a place characterized by a toxic environment, micro-management, favouritism and lack of trust. I soon started to feel demotivated, lost the confidence in myself and felt like I had no room to grow. 

This experience has taught me about the importance of having good leadership and the impact a leader makes on employees, personally and professionally. 

This is how I decided to dedicate my life and my career to help build strong leaders and ensure employees thrive at their workplace.

I received an MA in International Business from Edinburgh University, MSc in Management Consulting from Paris Dauphine University and Coaching Certification (RN CP) from the European National Certification agency.

On a personal note, I’m a multicultural citizen of the world. I have lived in Russia, Israel, France, the UK, and the USA, travelled to more than 80 countries, and speak five languages fluently. I live in San Francisco with my husband and our cute, energetic toddler daughter. 

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